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Northern Railway Delhi Meeting 22-3-14


Indian Railway Pharmacists Association, Northern Zone meeting was held at Northern Railway Central Hospital, New Delhi on 22.03.2014 to form the new body of Northern Railway. The following members from all divisions of Northern Railway attended the meeting. Sh. Paras Nath, APHO/Baroda House/New Delhi presided over the meeting. With the permission of Chairperson of the meeting, the existing body of IRPA, Northern Zone was dissolved & new Zonal body of Northern Railway was constituted. The following members were elected in IRPA Northern Zone

1.      President                     -           Sh. Anand Kumar Gupta (DH/DLI)  -           09717631567
2.      Vice President             -           Sh. Sanjay Sharma (DH/UMB)          -           09457649316
3.      Vice President             -           Sh. Balraj Kumar (DH/FZR)              -          
4.      Secretary                     -           Sh. Jaswant Singh (NRCH/NDLS)    -           09650895620
5.      Asstt. Secretary           -           Sh. S. K. Pandey (DH/LKO)              -
6.      Asstt. Secretary           -           Sh. Dinesh Kumar (NRCH/NDLS)    -           09958656444
7.      Org. Secretary             -           Sh. Manoj Kumar (DH/DLI)              -           09717611330
8.      Treasurer                     -           Sh. Kamaljeet (NRCH/NDLS)           -           09717639512

The following members attended the meeting –

1.      Sh. K. K. Parnami       -                       NRCH/NDLS                         -           09871302073
2.      Sh. T. C. Kataria         -                       NRCH/NDLS                         -           09891382627
3.      Sh. Ravinder Kumar   -                       NRCH/NDLS                         -           08375877887
4.      Sh. K. K. Meena         -                       NRCH/NDLS                         -           09968895554
5.      Sh. Rajiv Sehgal          -                       NRCH/NDLS                         -           09873334527
6.      Sh. Jaswant Singh       -                       NRCH/NDLS                         -           09650895620
7.      Sh. Kamaljeet              -                       NRCH/NDLS                         -           09717639512
8.      Sh. R. K. Atal             -                       NRCH/NDLS                         -           09868000716
9.      Sh. Gopi Chand          -                       NRCH/NDLS                         -           09717639513
10.  Sh. Wadhera               -                       NRCH/NDLS(Rtd)                -           09818812065
11.  Sh. K. K. Bhargava     -                       DH/DLI                                  -           09718933558
12.  Sh. Ananad Kr. Gupta            -                       DH/DLI                                  -           09717631567
13.  Sh. K. D. Sharma        -                       DH/DLI                                  -           09350234885
14.  Sh. Lalit Kumar          -                       DH/UMB                                -           09416394330
15.  Sh. Sunil Kumar          -                       DH/UMB                                -           09416395350 
16.  Sh. Rajinder Singh      -                       SRE/UMB                              -           09411297901
17.  Sh. Sandeep Arora      -                       KLK/UMB                             -           09467473795
18.  Sh. D. S. Dhiman        -                       DH/UMB                                -           09034127015
19.  Sh. Sanjay Sharma      -                       SRE/UMB                              -           09457649316
20.  Sh. Kuldeep Sharma   -                       SRE/UMB                              -           08053563271
21.  Sh. S. N. Gupta           -                       DH/LKO                                 -           09415094122
22.  Sh. B. Hazarika           -                       N. F. Rly                                 -           09957554516

Moradabad & Lucknow Divisions were requested by the house to form their Divisional body of IRPA & inform to the Zonal body within 15 days. A proposal came from Mr. Sanjay Sharma & Mr. Anand Kr. Gupta that a Zonal body meeting of IRPA should be held quarterly & CMD/NR may be requested to authorize this meeting in the form of CMEs.

Meeting was concluded with vote of thanks.

Report by –

Sr. Pharmacist/DH/DLI
Northern Railway

Thursday, April 3, 2014

IRPA Jodhpur Meeting 30-03-14

The general body meeting was held at Hotel CHANDRA INN at Jodhpur . The meeting was presided by Shri Gambir singh APHO/ JAIPUR on 30-03-2014. The program  was compered by Sri R.K.Goswami Ch Ph /Aii 
           The following members were shared the dias
1) Mr. V.G. Zambre  President/IRPA
2)Mr. L.S.Chandel    Patron/IRPA
3) smt Revathi M       General sec/IRPA
4) Mr.R.M. Shukla    President/NWRPA/JU
 Before commencing the metting 2 minutes was mourned to give the respecte to the departed soul of Shri Umaroul Purohit President AIRF.
            Smt Revathi .M GS/IRPA expressed her views to strengthen the associations and sought out the burning issues along with the suggestions to raise the funds .
 She had requested to all the members to summit their suggestions before 15-04-2014 regarding 7 cpc . She also told that the cat orders of CGHS was in discussion with Min. of FINANCE&HEALTH ministry . Recently she had a discussion with President PCI in regard to raise the entry qualifications as graduate Pharmacy instead of  to achieve the initial grade. She  also told that we have to short out the lapses of prior representations amog the pay scales, how to rectify the lapses , Have to Discuss with both federations & DG/RHS to recommend for our better pay scales , She has requested to contribute the fund by contributing Rs 200/- per month to meet the up coming 7 th CPC challenges. All zonal secretaries are requested to take this task , Who ever will contribute highest fund will be paid surprise incentive. The Xerox copy of Registration and pan card is issued to all  the members present to open an account . ALL are requested to deposit the fund in the Delhi IRPA account online and the counterfoil will be treated as the receipt .After the meeting body will be dissolved and elections will be conducted.She requested to send the complete data of each Zone to enable to open the Website, and requested to send the mail address so as to send any informations 
        Sri V.G. ZAMBRE has addressed the gathering and given hints to  to prepare the Memorandum, Sachin singh yadav firozpur div, Monaj kumar delhi div, Sandeep chourisa gorakpur,Surendra singh suman ECR, A.N.Mishra ALD.NCR, Kuldeep sharma Sharangpur , M.M. Benarji ER ,Anand Gupta Delhi, G.N.Singh Dhanapur  have kept their views nicely how to achieve our goals.
          Shri L.S.Chandel patron told how we worked  in last pay commission how our case represented and brought in fasttrack committe  , present situations of the case etc. & he told to support each and every one to come forward to strengthen the IRPA,
Sandeep chowrasia requested to the all the members with the permission of the chair to help SRi Goverdhan for the good cause of taking uo our issue to CAT/Banglore.  
Shri Gambir singh aderesed the Gathering and he motivivated every one . and gave vote of thanks. 
President : Shri Ashok Sharma                                        Ajmer               NWR
Working President: Shri.Anand Gupta                             Delhi                 NR
Vice Pres: Shri surendra Kumar Suman                           Patna                ECR|
Vice pres:Gyanendra Katiyar                                          Jabalpur            WCR
General Sec: Smt Revathi                                               Secundrabad     SCR
JGS: Shri K.K. Pranami                                                 Delhi                  NR
JGS:Shri S.L. Patil                                                         Kalyan               CR
JGS: Shri Goverdhan                                                     Mysore             SWR
JGS:                                                                                                        ER
Treasure : Shri Ravinder Singh Tomar                            Mathura             NER
 EXECUTIVE MEMBERS:   ALL zonal sec are the Executive Members 
ADVISORY BOARD: Shri L.S. Chandel, Shri V.G. Zambre, Shri Babu, Shri P . K. Mandal
Courtsey By-
Praveen Kumar Patel,Ahmedabad

NFIR letter to Railway Board 31-03-14

AIRF letter to Railway Board 24-03-14

Demand of East Central Railway

     The, General secretary,
        IRPA / SEC.

 Respected madam,
Sub:- Submission of memorandum by pharmacist – Regarding injustice with pay structure and excess work load  ie-(clerical ,clinical and managerial)                                                                                                                                                                                            
With due regard, Pharmacist of East Central Railway, draw your kind
attention regarding injustice with pay structure with respect to other categories.
The pharmacist category, pertaining higher qualifications and much more higher work load  but  gating lower grade pay and promotion in respect to other Categories, it is injustice with our category.
The minimum qualification for pharmacist for registration in “state pharmacy Council’ is as follows –
i.                     10 + 2 (Science)
ii.                   02 Years diploma in pharmacy + 03 Months practical training in any recognized Hospital.
iii.                  Course is Approved by PCI and AICTE.        ,
     So the pharmacist spends four years with 03 months practical training in recognized hospital after 10th standard.(i.e.-10 + 2+ 2+ 3 months = 14 years + 3 months.) 
Thus the period of educational qualification of pharmacist is more than J.E, Dental Hyeginist , Dietician but gating lower grade pay. It is injustice with our category and this anomaly must be rectified.

Dental Hygienists
Eligibility for Diploma course.
10 + 2 (Science)
10 + 2 (science)
10 + 2
10th only
Duration of diploma course.
02 Years only.
02 Years. Only.
03 Years.
Approval of course.
AICTE & PCI Both.=So course is Fully Technical.
Not approved by AICTE = so course is non technical.
DCI  Only = So course is non-technical.

AICTE Only = so course is Fully Technical.
Initial grade pay.
GP- 2800/- only.
GP – 4200/-

In general the grade pay of Technical person is higher than Non-Technical person But only pharmacist cadre is exception in medical department. In case of pharmacist, the grade pay of technical person is much more lower than Non- technical person.

In other hand,as per IRMM 2000 The work and responsibility of pharmacist is Clerical , Clinical  and Managerial in the railway hospital, which is given as follows -
                                              CLERICAL WORK OF PHARMACIST
1.      Pharmacist is in-charge of the T & P, dead stock register and consumable stores register of health unit.
2.      Ensure cleanliness of health unit linen and keep the Dhobi account.
3.      Place all articles requiring condemnation before the medical officer.
4.      Be in charge of the linen in addition, be responsible for the safe custody of health unit linen, surgical and medical appliances and furniture and dead stock and shall see that they are kept in good condition and replaced when necessary. Take monthly inventory and report all missing articles to the concerned Medical officer.
5.      Be responsible for the accountal of drugs,medicines,dressings,consumables and perishable stores.
6.      Maintain all registers in connection with the medical statistics and prepare periodical returns,bills and indents under the supervision of the Medical officer.
7.      Maintain the drug account and drug register.
8.      Receive stores from the parcel/goods office or stores delivery clerk and enter the same in respective ledger.
9.      Send the un-serviceable or surplus stores on advice notes to the stores delivery clerk or to parcel/goods office and enter the number of advice notes in the ledger.
10.  Assist the Doctor in preparation of annual indent/emergent indent of drugs, dressings, instruments, medical and surgical appliances and medical stores of health unit.
11.  Be responsible for the preparation and submission of returns and do all clerical work under supervison of Doctors.
12.  Make entries on all outdoor tickets and injury case sheets, when required.
13.  Keep the record of all out-door case sheets and injury case sheets and prepare all certificates leaving the ‘disease’ column to be fiiled by the doctor.
14.  Receive and scrutinize the indents for medical stores from the various health units.
15.  Maintain the record of PME/IME.

1.      Maintain medical card/RELHS card registration.
2.      Keep the details of office staff attendance, leave record, quarter file, TA details, movement register of staff etc.
3.      Prepare monthly MCDO, PCDO, Muster Roll MPR,QPR etc.

1.      Give injection IM/IV.  to patients when called upon by the Medical officer in his supervision.
2.      Supervise the sterilization of all instruments and dressings.
3.      Attend to dressing of all type of wounds and injuries.
4.       Keep all equipment and instruments in proper order.
5.      Prepare lotions, Ointments and applications for surgical dressings.
6.      Attend EMERGENCIES in the absence of the medical officer (as far as rendering first aid is concerned.).
7.      Maintain dispensing room and the appliances therein in proper working order and distribute medicines to the patients.
8.      Take height, Weight & Chest measurements of candidates and employees for medical examination and enter them in the register.
9.      Keep the record of Sick and fit Certificate  (MDL 45&60).
10.  Vendor fitness certificate.
11.  Maintain oxygen cylinder , emergency tray etc.
12.  Attend to medical emergencies in off duty hours.
13.  Attend to train call with doctor.
14.  Stitching and dressing of patients.
15.  Maintenance of ARME scale I & II.
16.  Pharmacists are the integral part of inventory control of the drugs.

17.  Provides safe and effective storage of the drugs by storing different kind of drugs at different temperatures and conditions of proper hygiene.

18.  At the time of dispensing the medicines to the patients, the pharmacist ensures

-          Right Patient
-          Right Medication
-          Right Dose
-          Right Route
-          Right Time
-          Right Documentation
-          Also take care of drug- drug interactions as well as drug food interaction   

                       MANAGERIAL WORK OF PHARMACIST.

1.      Supervise the work of the health unit staff and ensures that the instructions left behind by the medical officers are correctly carried out.
2.      Responsible for proper cleanliness and maintenance of the health unit, and matters related to health unit linen.
3.      Assist Medical officer in organization and smooth conduct of the health unit.
4.      Pharmacist exercise control of all health unit staff placed under be responsible for maintaining discipline amongst them.
5.      Supervise the work Dressers,health unit attendants ,sweepers and other subordinate staff.
6.      Maintain discipline amongst staff.
7.      Maintain a check on the attendance and see that the staffs are employed on their legitimate duties.
8.      Attained to departmental verification, vigilance verification, accounts verification.
9.      Maintain housekeeping.

Therefore, Pharmacists are the integral part of medical department. He acts as a connecting link between Doctors and patients and having a lots’ of responsibility, but they are neglected in their promotion and payments.
Therefore pharmacist is very -very important person next to Doctor in the railway hospital .
So, IRPA / ECR Put the following demands for your kind consideration and further process of implementation.
1.      According to nature of work and educational qualification the initial grade pay of pharmacist must be at least Rs-4600/-.     
 2. Up-gradation of initial grade pay of pharmacist cadre like a U.P / Uttrakhand Govt. order which is effected from 01.01.2006.
3.   Pharmacists should be promoted in class “B officer through GDCE pattern for smooth running of the pharmacy practice in Railways.
4.   Pharmacist must be given Non practicing Allowance i.e.-25% of Basic + GP, like a Doctor, otherwise he should be allowed to practice professionally after duty hours.

5.       (As per Indian pharmacopeia No medicine can be stored at a temperature of exceeding 30’c and as per British pharmacopeia No medicine can be stored at a temperature exceeding 25’c.  It is therefore necessary that medicine must be stored in average temperature so that medicine do not lose their potency in summer and patient get full benefit of their medicine.
6.       Being a integral part and back bone of Railway hospital, restructure of pharmacist cadre must be similar to Medical officer, ie -DACP should be impliment at the place of MACP in vi CPC.
7.      Minimum qualification of pharmacist should be a B.Pharm. / D.pharm+3years regular service as a hospital pharmacist in recognized hospital. / B.pharm.practice through bridge course.
8.       Computerise the dispensary, store and sub-store,with a common server like CGHS hospital.(It is essential  to  Check the over distribution of medicine and maintain the technical value of the pharmacists.
9.       Uniform allowance and washing allowance as per staff nurse.
10.   According to educational qualification and nature of duty the post of pharmacist is consider as a Drug Manager.
11.   Fix up the criteria for pharmacist regarding prescribing the medicine for treatment of the patient in Health unit running without Doctor.  
12.   Remove the clerical and managerial work of pharmacist from IRMM otherwise give benefit to pharmacist in his payments and promotion.
13.    It should be essential to organize the CPE program at DIVISIONAL,ZONAL,and CENTRAL level for Up – gradation of the Clinical / Technical skill of Pharmacist.
14.   Recognisation of IRPA in railway board for its betterment.
15.   Amendment  of New Yardstick of manpower planning and common hour of duty for pharmacist in all Indian railways and implement it soon.
16.   For smooth running of hospital Emergency and ward it must be a full flagged 24 hours Emergency and ward pharmacy.
17.   Removal of Non-technical work load and addition of following technical work of pharmacist in IRMM :-
A.        Ensuring medicinal products are stored appropriately and securely to ensure quality and   potency.
B.        Ensuring medication reaches the patient in the correct form and dose – this may include tablets, capsules, ointments, injections, inhalers and creams.
C.        Being responsible for the accurate dispensing and timely distribution of drugs and medicines for inpatients or outpatients.
D.        Supervising and checking the work of less experienced and less qualified staff.
E.        Responding to medication-related queries from within the hospital.
F.         Keeping up to date with, and contributing to, research and development, often in collaboration with medical staff and colleagues.
G.      Writing guidelines for drug use within the hospital, preparing bulletins and implementing hospital regulations.
H.       Providing information to individual wards on budgets and expenditure on drugs.

A.       Setting up clinical trials, evaluating new medications against claims made by  pharmaceutical companies and recommending new medicines that are the safest and most effective for individual patient needs.
B.        Participating in ward rounds, taking patient drug histories and contributing to the treatment decision-making process – this includes highlighting a drug’s potential side effects, identifying harmful interactions with other drugs and assessing the suitability of treatments for patients with particular health conditions.
C.        Liaising with physicians, nurses and other fellow health care professionals to ensure the delivery of safe, effective and economic drug treatment.
D.        Counseling patients on the effects, dosage and route of administration of their drug treatments, particularly those who require complex drug therapy.
E.        Monitoring every stage of medication therapy to improve all aspects of delivery and reporting patient side effects.
F.        Communicating effectively with patients’ relatives, community pharmacists, general practitioners etc.
G.      Preparing and quality-checking sterile medications under special conditions (e.g. Intravenous medications for those unable to take food, anti-cancer medications, eye drops, etc.)
                               Memorandum regarding 7th CPC
1.    Minimum qualification of pharmacist cadre for hospital pharmacy should be B.pharm /D.pharm.+3years experience in any recognized hospital / B.pharm. Pr.through bridge course.
2.    Initial grade pay should be at least Rs-5400/-
मैडमजी कृपया उपर्युक्त मांग को पढने का कष्ट करेंगे तथा जो डी.जी महोदय से सम्बंधित है,उन्हें श्रीमान के सामने रखने की कृपा करेंगे /                    सुरेन्द्र प्रसाद सुमन /सचिव /IRPA/HJP.

Courtsey by-
Sri.Surendra Kumar Suman/ZS/ Danapur