Thursday, December 31, 2015


                                 Indian Railways Pharmacist Association wishes you 
                                                Happy,Prosperous New Year 2016

                  President                    General Secretary                      Treasurer
           Ashok Sharma                    Jaswant Singh                          R.S.Tomar

                                             Along with Core Committee Members
                                               All Pharmacist Of Indian Railways

Monday, November 23, 2015

54th National Pharmacy Week at Kanaklal Barua Auditorium,Guawahati,Assam

54th National Pharmacy Week inaugural ceremony was held at Kanaklal Barua Auditorium , Assam state Musium, Guwahati on 15th Nov'2015. 

News By:Dipak Kumar Borah, N.F.Railway, Guwahati.  And Sri Jaswant Singh,New Delhi

54th National Pharmacy week at Liluah Eastern Railway

54th National Pharmacy Week has been celebrated at Liluah EASTERN RAILWAY on 22/11/2015. CMD/E.RLY KOLKATA,MD/B.R.SING HOSPITAL,KOLKATK, CWM/LILUAH, CMS/LILUAH, Dr.Anjan Adhikari,Dr.B.Mukharjee, Dr. Saroj Pal, APHO, Ex.APHO's and many other pharmacists, ERLY,SERLY were present in this occasion.

News By:

Sri Santosh Taluqdar

Friday, November 13, 2015

Big Victory

                                                Our Store Pharmacist are also included in it.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Meeting with DGRHS at New Delhi on 28-09-15

Core committee members met to Respected DGRHS at New Delhi on 28-09-15.Various issues of Pharmacist has discussed,and given the Memorandum .

                                  INDIAN RAILWAY PHARMACISTS ASSOCIATION
 Shri.Ashok Sharma        Shri.Jaswant singh Shri.R.S.Tomer
    Chief Pharmacist         Pharmacist/NRCH/NDLS       HU/Mathura/NER
   Ref  No.:01/9/IRPA/NDLS                                                                          Dated.28.09.15
To   :  DGRHS
Rail Bhawan, New Delhi

Respected Sir,
 Subject: Appraisal of Indian Railway Pharmacist for Implementation in view of Patient total satisfaction.
       I on behalf of Indian Railway Pharmacist do here by submit the following for you kind consideration and needful favour please.
1-Computerisation of Central/Divisional stores on Indian Railways
   There is a lot  of wastage of Drugs on Indian Railways due to them not being utilised prior to Expiry date. On introduction of Computerisation of Central/Divisional Hospital Stores there will not be any wastage of drugs as the same needed by other divisions can be utilised without any loss of the valuable drugs and loss to the exchequer to Railways by write off etc. of medicines.
2-Meeting of Health Unit Pharmacist with Divisional Store In-charge Pharmacist
A meeting of the Health Unit Pharmacist on a monthly/Quarterly basis with the In-charge Pharmacist at Divisional Stores may be conducted for discussing regarding use of medicines nearing expiry drugs, new drugs for new diseases etc. will make the Pharmacist and the administration in effective functioning with use of medicines properly prior to expiry date, proper indenting and procurement of necessary items under AMI and PO’s, Local Purchase etc. This will in turn help the Patients in receiving the drugs for diseases like Cancer, HIV, Dialysis patient, dealing with referral cases etc. Which can be put up for better functioning and coordination with the patients and their dependents.

3-PCA/HPCA  for Pharmacist in Stores
It is to appraise that on Railways there does not exist post of Store Keeper (Pharmacist) recruited through RRB and they do not find a place in IRMM. All recruitments are for post of Pharmacists with only promotional avenue to Chief Pharmacist.
(i) Pharmacist Entry Grade        GP.2800  in PB-1
(ii) Chief Pharmacist                  GP.4600 in PB-2
In view of above we request to kindly extend PCA/ HPCA to all  Pharmacists as  are recruited as Pharmacist and retire as Pharmacist working within sphere and premises of Railway Hospitals by coming in contact with patients in their total service on Railways.
4-Cadre Hierarchy
The Cadre Hierarchy to Pharmacist existed as below up to 31-12-2005.
(i) Rs.4500 -7000 Pharmacist Gr.III         Entry Scale
(ii) Rs.5000-8000 Pharmacist Gr.II     By Selection
(iii) Rs.5500-9000 Pharmacist Gr.I           Seniority
(iv) Rs.6500-10500    Chief Pharmacist  Gr.II      Seniority
(v) Rs.7450-11500   Chief  Pharmacist  Gr.I          Seniority
(vi) Rs.7500-12000   Asst.Pharmacy Officer      By Selection

On 6th CPC implementation it got revised to only two promotion from the Five (5) tier promotional avenues as follows w.e.f. 01-01-2006

(i) Pharmacist Entry Grade                          GP.2800  in PB-1 20%
(ii) Chief Pharmacist      By Selection          GP.4600 in PB-2   80%
(iii) Asst.Pharmacy Officer  By Selection      GP.4800 in PB-2  1 to 2 posts for zone

The above percentage also was not implemented as per existing Hierarchy for which we request for implementation of same by extending the same Five (v) tier promotional avenues as follows without further delay.

(i) Pharmacist Entry Grade                GP.2800  in PB-1
(ii) Chief Pharmacist      By Selection        GP.4600 in PB-2  
(iii) Asst.Pharmacy Officer  By Selection   GP.4800 in PB-2
(iv) Divisional Pharmacy Officer                GP.5400 in PB-3
(v) Sr.Divisional Pharmacy Officer            GP.6600 in PB-3
(vi) Chief Pharmacy Officer                        GP.7600 in PB-4

This was also proposed by your good office vide letter of Deputy Director (Industrial Health) in 2004 but the same is not implemented to the cadre of Pharmacist on par to the other cadres on Railways that is the Store Management staffs on Railways get the following Gazetted promotional avenues as the Pharmacists maintain the Drugs and Stores throughout their service from appointment till the date of retirement.
(i) Asst. Material Manager   GP.4800/5400 in PB-2/PB-3
(ii) Sr.Material manager GP.6600 in PB-3
(iii) Dy.Chief Material Manager (SA) GP.7600 in PB-4
(iv) Dy.Chief Material Manager (JA) GP.8700 in PB-4
(v) Chief Material Manager  (HAG) GP.10000 in PB-4
(vi) Controller of Stores         GP.12000
5-Implementation of revised Recruitment Rules on Railways.
The Revised recruitment rules have been implemented under CGHS,Defence etc. by orders of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare under Gazette notification with effect from 11 Mar.2015 but the same is not implemented on Railways i.e
Bachelor in Pharmacy OR Diploma in Pharmacy with Two yrs. Experience.
In view of above we request your good office to kindly recommend the same to the Pharmacist category also to maintain parity and equality of benefit extended to all the Railway employees without any discrimination.

     This IRPA and Pharmacists on Indian Railways shall be ever great-full for your kind consideration and needful for the above.

Thanking you.               Your’s Faithfully

                                                                                                                 (GENERAL SECRETARY)        

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

IRPA Core Committee meeting held at New delhi on 27-09-15

IRPA Core Committee meeting held at New Delhi under President ship of Sri.Ashok Sharma.
Following members attended the meeting.

Core Committee:
1-Sri.L.S.Chandel            Patron
2-Sri.Ashok Sharma        President
3-Sri.Anand Gupta          Working President
4-Sri.Jaswant Singh        G.Secretary
5-Sri.R.S.Tomar              Treasuror
6-Sri.Tapan Kumar Jana /Zonal Secretary/SER
7-Sri.Subhas Patil/ZS/CR
8-Sri.Prassna Kumar P.K./ZS/WR
11-Sri.Sandeep Chaurasia/ZS/NER

1-Sri.Narayan Chandra Das/SER
2-Sri.Sanjay Kumar/NR
3-Sri.Dinesh Kumar/NR
4-Sri.Sushanta Manna/SER
5-Sri.Bipin Bihari Patra/ECoR
7-Sri.Manoj Ahlaan

Following issues discussed in the meeting.
Regarding 7CPC,Cadre Restrucrure,MACP,Various court cases,PCA/HPCA to Store Pharmacist,New Recruitment rule,DOPT issues,AVC of Pharmacists,Sick fit,PME,Meeting at different places,AGM/BGM,ARME allowance.etc.