Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Meeting at Nagpur

Congratulations to New Working committee body elected in Bhopal meeting.  We Pharmacist of   Nagpur C.Rly & SECRly Div very happy towards formation of new team WHO WILL FIGHT FOR OUR LONG DEMAND OF WITHDRAWAL OF gr pay 2800/- which is the real barrier in our carrier promotions.

    In my opinion fight against injustice will now move in the right direction.Soon we Nagpur Pharmacist are planning for such a Meeting at our Zonal level & to invite our New GS & President to join the Discussion on future SEVENTH pay comm. Dates I will communicate later.
Ajay Patil , Chief Pharmacist , CRH NGP Ph. 012-55554 & 0712-2555841

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Zonal meeting of ECR held at Hazipur on 15-02-15


              IRPA/ Zonal/Meeting/2015.                                                            Dated:-15. 02.2015.

               SUB :-    A zonal meeting of  IRPA / ECR.  

                          A zonal meeting of Pharmacists, working in all five divisions, Central hospital, poly clinic and Tender cell of East Central Railway was organized at Poly clinic Hajipur on 15.02.2015.
 The following Pharmacists attended the zonal meeting :
1.     Mr.Surendra Prasad suman.         (DNR)                  Mob. No :- 9234690691.
2.     Mr. Arun kumar                            (SEE)                  Mob. No :- 9955636015.
3.     Mr.Navendra kumar                      (SEE)                  Mob No:- 9334365222.
4.     Mr. Dinesh pandit                         (T.C)                    Mob .No:- 9771425532.
5.     Mr.Kaushlendrakr. singh.             (MGS)                 Mob. No :- 08416831577.     
6.     Mr. Suman Chandra singh             (SPJ)                   Mob. No:- 9771037378.
7.     Md.Javed jung khan                        (SEE)                   Mob. No.:- 9835682244.
8.     Md. Iqbal                                      (SPJ)                    Mob. No:- 9771428525.    
9.     Mr. Ravindar kumar                      (V.I )                   Mob. No.:-9771425079.
10.  Mr. Manish kumar                         (MGS)                Mob. No.:- 9955656500.    
11.  Mr. Suresh Prasad.                          (DNR)               Mob. No.:- 9279705527.   
12.  Mr. V.P Singh                                  (DNR)              Mob. No:- 8002216965.
13.  Mr. Mahesh kumar chauhan.           (SEE)               Mob. No.:- 8877206161. 
14.  Mr. Sunil Kumar.                            (DNR)              Mob. No.:- 9234944914.   
15.  Mr. Sujeet kumar singh.                  (DNR)             Mob. No.;- 9955831363.
16.  Mr. Rakesh kumar.                          (DNR)             Mob. No;- 9386083002.
17.  Mr.Ritesh kumar.                             (SEE)              Mob. No;- 8294690779.
18.  Mr. Dinesh kumar paswan            (MGS)               Mob. No :- 9795511802.
19.  Mr. Brajnandan paswan                  (SPJ)                Mob .No.:-7250839459.
20.  Mr.Dukhuram murmur.                 (MGS)               Mob. No:- 9794848594.                                        
21.  Mr.Soratha Setty                            ( MGS)              Mob. No.:- 9794848593.
22.  Mr.Umesh kumar                           (DHN                Mob. No :- 9771426532.
23.  MR.Praveen kumar.                       (DHN)               Mob. No.:- 8298177821.
24.  Mr. P.K Singh.                               ( C.H)                 Mob .No:-09934089212.
25.  Mr. Bindeshwar  paswan               (SEE)
26.  Mr. Prem kumar                            (MGS)
27.  Mr.Md.Raja                                    (SPJ)
28.  Mr. Manjeet singh.                         (spj)
29.  Mr. B.K.Jaishwal                            (SEE)
30.  Mr. Omprakash Kumar                   (TC)
31.  Mr. Karunanidhi                              (TC)
32.  Mr.Manoj Kumar                             (poly clinic)
33.  Mrs.Neelam Prasad.                         (TC)         

All the members of IRPA/ECR discuss to every points regarding up gradation betterment of pharmacist cadre, and it was decided that –

1.         Registration of Association.
2.     Uniform duties to be amended throughout the Indian Railway to avoid the disparities among the      pharmacist.
3.     A provision of casual leave should be allowed to contract pharmacist.
4.     Appointment of a pharmacist at Samastipur depot.
5.  A rotational Zonal meeting should be arranged by each Division of ECR in alternate month. The calendar of Zonal meeting is as follows:-

         Name of Division                                             Conducting  month

i.                 Dhanbad.  --------------------------------            ARIL/2015.
ii.               Samastipur ------------------------------             JUNE/2015.
iii.             Mugalsarai -------------------------------            AUG./2015.
iv.             Sonpur  -----------------------------------            OCT./2015.
v.               Danapur ----------------------------------            DEC/2015.
vi.             Headquarter.------------------------------            FEB./2015.

Place and date of meeting should be decided by the president of concerning division.                            

6.     Every member of IRPA/ECR will contribute Rs-100/- per month to strengthen the financial condition of IRPA.
7.     A divisional body of IRPA will contribute 50% of total collection to the zonal body. 
 Every member assured their full supports and participation for IRPA physically as well as          financially. 
With thanks to all.

Mr. Pritam Kumar singh                                                       Mr. Surendra Prasad suman     
Zonal president/IRPA/HJP.                                                   Zonal Secretary/IRPA/HJP.                                                                      

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

IRPA Core Committee meeting at Bhopal on 08-02-15

IRPA Core Committee meeting held at Bhopal on 08-02-15. under the chairmanship of Sri.Ashok Kumar Sharma,President/IRPA.The main agenda of the meeting was as follows-
1-Reorganization of Core Committee.
2-Registrastion of IRPA under Society Act.
3-7th Central Pay Commission.
4-Implementation of various CAT'S direction.
5-Implementation of B.Pharmacy Practice bridge course.
6-HPCA/PCA to store Pharmacists.
7-Recruitment Rules to be implemented in Railways.
8-Co-ordination with other Association and Ferderation.

            In the pre session of the meeting All the present Zonal secretaries and Core Committee members gave their unwillingness in written to President IRPA to not work under the Mrs.M.Revathi/GS/IRPA.After this President/IRPA call up a meeting of all present ZS and Core Committee Members and dissolve the Central IRPA body immediately.After this Mr.Jaswant Singh.Pharmacist,Central Hospital,NR,New Delhi elected as General Secretary by the Present  ZS and Core Committee Members.