Saturday, July 19, 2014

IRPA meeting held at UMBALA on 19-07-14

IRPA meeting was held at singh,Mr.AnandGupta  gave their valuable presentation about the demands,duty,rights of Pharmacists.A good gathering was sharma,sh Rajesh bansal,sh.Sunilji and others was present.All the pharmasist gave their warm support to IRPA .special thanks from UMBALA DIV. to IRPA .and sh.Mr.Jaswant singh,Mr.AnandGupta.

Courtsey: Sri.Kamal kumar Attry & Sri.Dilbag Singh

Monday, July 14, 2014

Increaseing of PCA by 25 %

Letter issued by railway Board on 20-02-13 is sufficient to increase 25 % of  PCA,you all may provide this letter to concern authority to increase PCA. 

Thanx Mr.Praveen Patel,Pharmacist,Ahmedabad,WR for sending fresh copy for publication.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Interaction meeting with AIRF on 09-07-2014 held at New Delhi

Shri.Shiv Gopal Mishra gi GS/AIRF had discussion with GS /IRPAand members regarding 7th CPC and considered our points and try to acheive our good scales,GS/IRPA told to rectifying the lacuna since since 5th CPC for better scales to pharmacist.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Special Donation to IRPA

                                            Ashutosh Rohilla aged 14 yrs, Student of Class 10
                                                                 DOB:21 May 1999

Satish Kumar Verma,Pharmacist,WCR,Kota donated Rs.2100 on the occasion of Birthday of his son Master Ashutosh Rohilla to IRPA at Delhi in the AGM held on 15-06-14.
               Master Ashutosh is a very bright and sincere student,he want to serve Army as Scientist.
IRPA wishes him for his Grand Birthday and very very success in his life and to achieve his target.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Memorandum submitted to GS/AIRF

Smt.M.Revathi,GS/IRPA,Sri.Jaswant Singh,ZS/NR,Sri.Ravindra Singh Tomar,Treasurer IRPA met to Respected Sri.Shiv Gopal Mishra ji, GS/AIRF on 14-06-14 at New Delhi and submitted the Memorandum to him.Respected Mishra ji told that he will do best effort from his side for the betterment of Pharmacist Category.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Minutes of AGM held on 15-06-14 at New Delhi

                Minutes of Annual General Meeting held at New Delhi on 15-06-14

Annual general body meeting was held at Amitabh Banquet, Delhi on 15.05.2014. The meeting was chaired by H.R.Dubey, Chief Pharmacist/Delhi Main Hospital.

The adhoc committee members are present at Delhi, except Sri. Surendra Suma Singh, Sri. Gyanendra Singh and Mr. Subhash Patil. The members of 13 Railways are present in the meeting. The meeting was well organized and declared open by Mr. H.R.Dubey  who is the Chairman for the meeting.

Then, Sri. Manoj, Sr.Pharmacist/DLI Division requested Sri. L.S.Chandel ji, Sri.Ashok Sharma ji,  Sri. Anand Kumar Gupta ji,  Smt. Revathi ji,  Sri. Jaswanth ji  and  Sri. R.S.Thomar ji to occupy the chairs on the dias. Sri. L.S.Chandel ji, Sri.Ashok Sharma ji, Sri. G.Babu ji, Sri. Mohan ji were felicitated for their remarkable services given to IRPA.
The President Sri. Ashok Sharma ji has presented the agenda of the meeting and asked to strengthen the association and achieving our goals.

Sri. Anand Kumar Gupta ji has given his valuable points  how to achieve the 7th CPC and expressed that all means of support will be extended from DLI Division by all means.

Sri. Amitav joy choudari, who is an activist for All India Pharmacist Revolution addressed the meeting and expressed their views, as he has done yatra from Kashmir to Kanyakumari motivating the pharmacist category and submitted his views and grievances, memorandum to various ministries to strengthen the profession on July 3rd 2014, he is going to join with BJP Leader Mr.Prakash Jawedakar and requested Pharmacist to attend in large number 3rd August 2014 for Pharmacists Convention at New Delhi  and also advised that whenever the pharmacist meeting with small or large should be covered in the media for enlighten our category.  

 Sri. Umar Farooq, President /FIPO addressed the gathering, ensured for the better pay scales and requested support to FIPO for achieving our pay scales through financially and physically etc.. He also discussed regarding CAT proceedings/orders. He said that every effort is being put to implement the CAT orders through DOPT.

Sri. Chandel ji who is a potential, knowledgeable, respectable leader has motivated the pharmacists and told about the efforts made by him to implement the Fast Track Committee and chasing the anomaly to both federations in time.

Sri. Jaswanth ji who is the dynamic and always helpful has expressed his views regarding the struggle made by the IRPA and support extended to Sri. Chandel ji, and other members of IRPA in need.  He is associated with IRPA since last 10 years and minutely observed the proceedings and pains taken by the IRPA Core Committee Members for achieving HPCA/PCA introducing the case in the Fast Track Committee etc.

Sri. R.S Thomar ji, Treasurer/IRPA has submitted the accounts in front of the house.

Smt. Revathi ji, the adhoc GS/IRPA has submitted the report. In her report, she expressed that it is very painful that, registration of IRPA was not renewed since past 20 years. To renew that it requires approximately 7 lacs as fine, this is a failure on IRPA. So has put in front of house that instead of going for renewal, a new registration will be done from Delhi State (UN) where the cost of registration fees and life time renewal cost approx. below 20,000/- which is under process. GS/IRPA briefly explained the meetings with DG(RHS), AIRF and NFIR regarding the 7th CPC proposal and overcome the lacunas

from the 5th CPC onwards.

She expressed gratitude towards the pharmacist Sri. S.P.Verma DMW/Patiala who was under the dismissal orders was referred to both the federations through IRPA, but unfortunately IRPA failed to solve his case due to complications. The federations in turn suggested him to approach the court of law; hence she requested the house how best we can help him.

The vacancies in the northern railway (Moradabad Division) was dealt by IRPA and succeeded to fill up the vacancies through ALD RRB.

The pharmacist Mis.Razia Khatoon has approached GS/IRPA for the harassment in her working place. GS/IRPA has taken initiative and spoke to CMS/Raipur Dr.J.Swain to do justice for her and not to spoil her carrier. He promised that within the frame of rules he will help her and it is under process to write off the charges against her.

GS/IRPA discussed regarding the funds and strengthens the association financially sound to meet the challenges and achievements in 7th CPC. She expressed in grief and emotionally regarding the handing over the charges given to her, and also told that till last drop of sweat she will work faithfully to the IRPA without keeping any other intensions.
Last but least, she expressed that we should work hard to achieve our pay scales by being united and conveyed thanks to all pharmacist of IR,NR, NER and NWR for hosting the core committee meetings a grand success.   

President Sri.Ashok Sharma dissolved the body to conduct the elections. Sri.Govardhan Yogi, Pharmacist/SWR suggested to 2 members from each zone to cast their vote and if only one member is present, then the vote of one is counted as two. But the majority of the pharmacists have not accepted his proposal. Then the majority of the house except Sri.Govardhan Yogi, Pharmacist/SWR and few members have decided to continue the same adhoc body till 7th CPC.

The new body elected unanimously and S.Rly Pharmacists have felicitated the new body and all the pharmacists have congratulated new body. Sri. Sandeep Chaurasia, Sri. S.P.Pandey/LKO, and young pharmacist from DLI division have given their valuable suggestions to strengthen the associations and achieving scales.

Smt. Revathi.M, newly elected GS/IRPA, conveyed her heart full thanks to the pharmacists across Indian Railways and promised that, 24x7 always available for the need of pharmacist’s welfare and she also suggested the various ways to raise the funds. She conveyed special thanks to Sri. Manoj, Sri.Anand Gupta, Sri. Jaswanth and Central Hospital/NR/DLI division and other divisions of NR for hosting the AGM, and comfortable stay of the guests.  

She praised the media centre Sri.Sandeep Chaurasia for maintaining the IRPA BLOG and Sri. Baladutt for putting his efforts in creating the website. She also introduced Sri. P.Shanmukh Rao, Pharmacist/LGD to help the above IT members whenever required.      

Friday, June 20, 2014

AGM/IRPA held at New Delhi on 15-06-14

Annual General Meeting of IRPA held at Amitabh Banquet,New Delhi on 15-06-14.The agenda of the meeting was constitution of new body in place of adhoc body framed earlier at Jodhpur during the Core committee meeting of 7CPC.The meeting was chaired by Mr.H.R.Dubey Chief Pharmacist, Delhi,Mr.L.S.Chandel Chief Patron IRPA.The members of 12 Zones out of 17 were present to elect new body and discussed on various burning issues of Pharmacist.

All members unanimously reelect the present General body which comprises as follows-

Sri.L.S.Chandel                          Chief Patron
Sri.V.G.Zambre                          Patron
Sri.Babu                                     Patron

1-Sri.Ashok Sharma                   President                       NWR
2-Sri.Anand Gupta                     Working President         NR
3-Sri.Revathi.M                         General Secretary          SCR
4-Sri.K.K.Parnami                     J. General Secretary      NR
5-Sri.S.L.Patil                            J. General Secretary      CR
6-Sri.M.M.Banerjee                  J. General Secretary       ER
7-Sri.Goverdhan.Y                    J. General Secretary       SWR
8-Sri.R.S.Tomar                        Treausror                       NER
9-Sri.Jaswant Singh                   Organising Secretry        NR
10-Sri.Surendra kr.Suman         Vice President                ECR
11-Sri.Gyanendra Katiyar          Vice President               WCR
12-Executive Committee            All Zonal Secretaries as follows--

i-Sri.Jaswant Singh                     ZS/NR
ii-Sri.CHR Patra                        ZS/EcoR
iii-Sri.Tapan Jena                       ZS/SER
iv-Sri.M.M.Banerjee                 ZS/ER
v-Sri.S.K.Suman                       ZS/ECR
vi-Sri.Hitesh Grower                 ZS/NWR
vii-Sri.Satish Kumar Verma       ZS/WCR
viii-Sri.S.L.Patel                       ZS/NCR
ix-Sri.Chandrasekhar Naidu     ZS/SR
x-Sri.Gowardhan Yogi             ZS /SWR
xi-Sri.D.K.Bora                      ZS/NFR
xii-Smt.Revathi.M                  ZS/SCR
xiii-Sandeep Chaurasia           ZS/NER
xiv-Pravin Patel                      ZS/WR

Chase Committee for 7CPC-All from Northern Railway, Delhi-
1-Sri,Anand Gupta
2-Sri.Jaswant Singh
3-Sri.Manoj Ahlan
6-Sri.Dinesh Kumar
8-Sri.Rakesh Ranjan Sinha
9-Sri.Ramesh Garg

Media & Publicity Committee-
1-Sri.Sandeep Chaurasia        NER
2-Sri.Baladutt                         NR
3-Sri.Shanmukha Rao            SCR

Electorial Commissioner--