Friday, November 28, 2014

Creation of Group 'B' Post in Para Medical Categpry

Railway Board has issued a letter regarding to Creation of Group 'B' post in Para Medical category.In this letter the post of Pharmacists for APHOs is not mentioned.So it is requested to all Zonal Secretaries,Divisional Secretaries and all office bearers to write a letter to their CMS & CMD for the inclusion of the name of Pharmacist.

Ashok Sharma
Indian Railway Pharmacist Association

Sunday, November 23, 2014

53rd National Pharmacy Week Eastern Railway,Kolkatta

53rd. NATIONAL PHARMACY WEEK Programme has been celebrated on at B R Singh Hospital/EASTERN RAILWAY KOLKATA.  Dr. SHAYMSUNDAR, MD/BRSH,Dr B.C.RAY ACHD BRSH. Mr.B.Mukharjee Prof.Jadabpur University.Mrs.M.Mandal Prof. Mr.B. Sasmal, Prof. Mr.P K Mandal, Mr.K Srivastab, Mr. S.N.Mukharjee.EX. APHO. Mr. B.N.Singh APHO, and many other Pharmacists, E.Rly,S ERly. were present in this occasion.

Paper Clips:

News By: Sri.Santosh Talukdar

Friday, November 7, 2014

National Pharmacy Week

53 national Pharmacy Week will be celebrate at BR Singh Hospital,Eastern Railway,Sealdah/Kolkata on 23 Nov.14 from 10:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs.All are requested to kindly attend the same in time.

Indian Railway Pharmacist Association also requesting  to all Pharmacist Kindly celebrate Pharmacy week and Help,Educate, Counsel the patient regarding the Health, use and misuse of Medicines etc.

News Source by:-
Santosh Talukdar,Kanchanpara

Pharmacists of Ajmer met to DGRHS

Memorandum of 7th CPC given to Respected  Dr.M.Budhlakoti,DGRHS at Ajmer on 01-11-14.

Mr.Ashok Sharma,President,Indian Railway Pharmacist Association along with delegation of Pharmacists met to DGRHS.

News Source By:
Mr.Satish Kumar Soni,Pharmacist,Ajmer

Thursday, October 23, 2014

IRPA wishes Happy Dipawali to All Pharmacists & their family member

IRPA wishes happy and prosperous deepawali to all pharmacists and their family members 

 Ashok sharma      
President IRPA                                                                                         

Secretary IRPA

And all office bearers and members IRPA

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

NFIR letter to Railway Board for GP 4200

New IRPA body HQ,Gorakhpur,NER framed

A meeting held at L.N.M.railway Hospital,Gorakhpur,NER on 18-10-14 in the Presidentship of Sri.K.J.Sangode,Chief Pharmacist.Many issues discussed in the meeting mainly on Pay Commission,various references send to 7CPC & Railway Board by the federations AIRF & NFIR.In the meeting following memeber were present.
Sri.K.J.Sangode, Sri.Ganga Singh, Sri.J.K.Yadaw, Sri.S.Bandhopadhyay, Sri.V.P.Mall, Sri.Tariq Ali, Sri.Dinesh Mishra, Sri.Brahma Mall, Sri.R.P.Singh, R.S.Dwivedi, Sri.Sandeep Bhagat, Sri.Satyaprakash, Sri.U.B.Singh, Sri Girraj Meena & Smt.Bindu Yadaw

After the meeting Newly IRPA/HQ Branch framed as follows-

President:-                   Sri.K.J.Sangode
Divisional Secretary:-   Sri.Dinesh Mishara
Treauror:                     Sri.S.Bandhopadhyay

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

GS/IRPA Smt.Revathi.M visited Ahmedabad

Smt.  Revathi GS Indian Railway Pharmacist Association
 visited to Ahmedabad Div. ( WR ) to met ADI Division’s PHRs
 on Monday, October 06, 2014.
She notified activities & updates of 7th Pay commission
 related to PHRs category.
She advised to make connection with the central Body of IRPA .
She also asked to setup CORE committee meeting at Ahmedabad.
All delegates ( Specially ones’ from WR ) are requested to
show some interest for said meeting at Ahmedabad.
List of PHRs she met at Health Unit Ahmedabad.
Ajit Gajjar ( SBI Stn)
Bhailal Parekh (SBI – Hosp)
Upendra Patel  (SBI – Hosp)
Rajesh Dave ( VTA)
Piyush Shah ( ADI)
Ritesh Rochiramani ( ADI)
Shobhen Rathod ( SBI – Hosp. )
Omprakash Meena ( ADI )
Pravin Patel ( KKF )
Looking forward to know your suggestion & comments.
Pravin Patel                                                                                                                      O P Meena
Secretary   Ahmedabad Div.  : WRPA                                         Chairman  Ahmedabad Div.  : WRPA

Source by: Sri.Pravin Patel

Thursday, September 25, 2014

World Pharmacist Day Celebration 25 Sep.2014

Congratulations for the World Pharmacist Day  25 Sep.2014.I am please to inform all of you that Indian Railway Pharmacist Association celebrated this memorable day in all over Indian Railway,you can enjoy the cheerful moment by these photo clips.

Lalit Narayan Mishra,Central Railway Hospital,NER,Gorakhpur celebrated this day in very cheerful way,Dr.Gorakh Pd.,Sr.DMO/IC/OPD was the chief guest,Sri.B.P.Yadaw,APHO,Sri.K.J.Sangode,Chief Pharmacist and Smt.Kalyani,Chief Matron/OPD were present in this occasion.Many other member of IRPA Sri.V.P.Mall,R.P.Singh,S.Bandhopadhyay,R.N.Chaudhary,C.B.Mishra,Laljee Yadaw,Satyaprakash,Tariq Ali,M.L.Bhaskar,J.K.Yadaw,Dinesh Mishra,R.S.Dwivedi,Sandeep Chaurasia and Smt.Bindu Yadaw were present in this occasion.

Celebration at Ludhiana/Ferozepur division/NR  source by: Sri.Arvind Gulati

SWR/Jaipur  Source by; Sri Ashok Sharma/President/IRPA & Sri.S.K.Sethi,Central Hospital,New Delhi/NR

Sri.Kuldeep Sharma,Saharnpur/NR

World Pharmacist Day was celebrated in N. Rly. Divisional Hospital, Firozour Cantt on 25 Sep 2014. All pharmacists working in this hospital & Sh. M U Beg Smt. Shama Chawla,Rtd Pharmacist, Sh. Ravinder Luthra, State General Secretary Punjab State Pharmacist Association Along with his fellow pharmacists were present in this function.Dr SP Sharma, Sr. DMO(Admin.),NRDH,FZR was chief Guest. He participated along with his Dr colleagues Dr. Tanu Aggarwal, Dr. Dinesh Pathak, Dr. Shivani, Dr. Kamal Ghai. Chief Guest was honored by all pharmacist.He laid a great emphasis on the importance of Pharmacist in medical profession.Sh. Ravinder Luthra, pointed out that pharma sector has been converted into a business instead of profession due to wrong policies of government.
Balraj Kumar,
Divisional President,
Indian Railway Pharmacist Association,
Firozour Cantt (Punjab)


Sri.Santosh Talukdar/Kancahanpara /Eastern Railway

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


All the Pharmacist are requested to kindly help the flood victims of Jammu & Kashmir.Many Neonates & small children are not getting Milk and struggling for life,so all Pharmacist are requested to kindly send 2 Packets of Milk.You may contact the mentioned person for this kind help.

Dr.Zaheer Khan,
Cell No.09697916285


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Divisional IRPA body of Varanasi Division/NER

A divisional meeting held at Divisional Hospital Varanasi/NER in the presence of Sandeep Chaurasia,Zonal Secretary/NER.Various issues were discussed regarding to pay commission likewise.
1-PCA to store Pharmacists,
2-MACP Issues.
3-Promotional avenues.
4-Enhancement of Qualification.
5-ARME allowance
6-Recommandation of Fast Track Committee.
7-Duties in IRMM.
8-Creation of post of APHO's in every division etc.

   After the meeting by the permission of Divisional Secretary/Varanasi Sri.Shambhu Saran,Chief Pharmacist old divisional body disolved,and new body framed as under-

Divisional President:              Sri.C.P.Singh,                Chief Pharmacist
Divisional Secretary:             Sri.Alok Kaushik             Chief Pharmacist
Divisional Treasuror:             Sri.Sant Kumar                Chief Pharmacist
Div.Vice President:               Sri.Abhay Singh              Chief Pharmacist
Div.Joint Secretary:              Sri.Rakesh Giri                Pharmacist

  New framed body welcomed by fellow Pharmacist.